- Wallwork Truck Center


Wallwork Truck Center and Nationlease have teamed up to provide our customers with full service maintenance lease options. Incentive and concession programs from Ford as enabled us as a dealer to offer great leaseing packes an allow you to trim the cost of your fleet operation.  

In today's highly competitive business world you need an "edge" in your competition. Wallwork Truck Rental or a full maintenance lease program of Ford Trucks, willl allow you the opportunity to focus 100% of your time and workforce toward your business, no the repair and maintenance of your fleet.

Wallwork Truck Rental canm provide you new or late model commercial, semi, heavy duty, conventional, super duty, days cabd and other trucks with full maintenance lease.

It is time to focus your work force toward your operation ad let Wallwork Nationalease provide and maintain your fleet! If you needs are short term then our Rental Trucks may provide what you've been looking for. Please give Dave Senftner a call at 888.878.9983 or send him an email message to  him at dave.senftner@wallworktrucks.com , we will be happy to give you a quote or discuss some indease on the Lease or Rentals.